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4u2-rent is an Internet advertising site for good quality holiday accommodation worldwide, including self catering villa and apartment rentals, B&Bs, Guesthouses and small boutique hotels.

We reserve the right not to accept advertising for properties we feel are not of a competitive quality for their location. Unfortunately we cannot be specific about our criteria as they vary between location and we can only offer guidelines.

We are not a free site but a fair site. A successful site needs revenue for advertising to attract visitors and get enquiries. We know you want your property fully booked and we believe that working together this can achieved.

To keep advertising costs as low as possible we work on a trust and co-operation basis. Like a Partnership.

On our part we commit to using our skills to develop and promote the site in the most cost effective manner possible. Our aim is to keep the cost of a weeks booking achieved through advertising on our site to £20 or less. see(Renewals tab) above.

The more visitors the site attracts the more enquiries you will receive so how can you help.

  • Tell people about the site.
  • Encourage other Owners to advertise on the site.
  • Pay for results. The site needs advertising revenue to increase your bookings.
  • Keep your advert up to date.
There are 3 ways in which a site attracts visitors. via Search Engine results, Advertising or Revisits.

Search Engines Results. Google says that to improve a sites position in the search results it needs to contain good original content. We interpret this as meaning the more the site is referenced on the internet either through social media, direct links or in articles and reviews the better it will perform.
So the more you write, tweet and spread the word about the site the more enquiries you will get.

We try our best to make the site as informative as possible but there is only so much information you can include without overwhelming the main purpose of the site which is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find your holiday rental advert. That said if you feel you have any ideas, good photographs or information you are prepared to share we would be more than happy to consider incorporating them into the site.

Advertising The best means of advertising an online site is through the paid ads that appear above and to the side of the natural search results. While being at or near the top of the natural results provide a good volume of traffic on which to build we need more if we are to meet our goal of getting you fully booked. For those that don't know these ads are allocated on a bid basis. Now we can't out bid the large corporate sites which they fund from their high advertising fees. What we can do and do is to target less generic search terms more specific to the location of properties as these are less expensive as even the corporate corporate sites cannot so easily control the bid price for every search term possibility. When you pay for bookings you have received through us at least 50% of that revenue goes towards targeting the advertising at your property's specific location. Re-Visits Visitors are looking for choice and the more properties on the site the more likely they are to find a property that meets their needs. Yes its competition but if they don't find the property they are looking for they will only go to another site and probably not return.

Finally and we know this will be a contentious point especially while we are building visitor numbers but the more up to date your advert is the more people will revisit the site. We know that maintaining booking charts and charge data can be a chore but many visitors will not enquire on a properties that do not display charges and they are put off from returning if the response from their enquiries is the property is already booked despite it being shown on the site as available. We have tried to make these processes as simple as possible but welcome any further suggestions.

4u2-rent.co.uk was established in 2007 and has been growing ever since!